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  • Do you accept insurance?
    No. We we do not contract with any insurance companies. This allows for care to be based on your unique needs and to ensure a higher level of privacy to members. If desired, we can provide you with a "Super Bill" that you may submit for "Out of Network" coverage with your insurance provider.
  • Will I get an ADHD diagnosis or specific treament?
    There is no guarantee that you will be found to have ADHD or that your particular case is best suited for this particular model. There is no guaranteed type of treatment and recommendations are at your physician's discretion.
  • Do you complete accommodations paperwork for standardized tests, school disabilities or licensing examinations?
    At this time we do not perform accommodation requests. Seeking possible accommodations requires a number of things: psychoeducational evaluations, cognitive testing and relevant medical, educational and developmental histories. We provide initial evaluations for adults with ADHD through health history, questionnaires, rating scales and interviews. We are able to diagnose and treat ADHD.
  • Do you see children?
    No, we specialize exclusively in adults ages 18+
  • How much does all of this cost?
    1. Initial in person testing and evaluation - $329 - Specialized, objective computer-based neuropsychological testing - Standardized psychiatric rating scales - Full clinical diagnostic interview to correlate concerns, history, and screening results - Diagnostic and treatment recommendations 2. Ongoing Personalized Care - $119/mo (can cancel anytime) - expert medication managment and electronic prescriptions - prior authorization support for medications - unlimited online appointments with your doctor
  • What states can you see patients in?
    Indiana, Texas and Oklahoma
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